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La Voz de Galicia, November 3, 1967

Art News
José Castro Dopico exposure in the Association of Artists

Today we present a collection of 35 paintings, the Association of Artists, the young painter Coruña José Castro Dopico, which is the first time to exhibit their work in public.
José Castro has achieved boxes full of vigor and no doubt a resounding success achieved in this, his first outing.
His exhibition will be open today, at eight pm and...

Exhibitions carried out

  • 2009, A Criança e a Sociedade. Galerías da Casa do Artista. Góis (Portugal).
  • 2009, IV Certame Internacional OROSOARTES2009. Centro Cultural Fernando de Casas Novoa. Oroso (A Coruña).
  • 2005, Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones de la Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Pequeño formato.
  • 2005, Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones de la Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Pequeño formato.
  • 2004, Exposición colectiva. Arte e Solidaridade. Manos Unidas. Sala de Exposiciones del Ayuntamiento de A Coruña.
  • 2000, Exposición colectiva. Arte e Solidaridade. Manos Unidas. Estación Marítima de A Coruña.
  • 1999, Exposición colectiva. Arte e Solidaridade. Manos Unidas. Estación Marítima de A Coruña.
  • 1998, Exposición colectiva. Arte e Solidaridade. Manos Unidas. Estación Marítima de A Coruña.
  • 1997, Exposición colectiva. Arte e Solidaridade. Manos Unidas. Estación Marítima de A Coruña.
  • 1996, Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones de la Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Pequeño formato.
  • 1996, Exposición individual. Sporting Club Casino de A Coruña. Del 19 de Diciembre de 1.995 al 14 de Enero de 1.996
  • 1996, Exposición colectiva. Arte e Solidaridade. Manos Unidas. Estación Marítima de A Coruña.
  • 1995, Exposición individual. Sala de Exposiciones de Caixa Ourense del Barco de Valdeorras. Ourense. Del 2 al 14 de Octubre de 1.995
  • 1995, Exposición individual. Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Del 19 al 29 de Julio de 1.995
  • 1995, Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones de la Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Pequeño formato.
  • 1994, Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones de la Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Pequeño formato.
  • 1994, Exposición individual. Banco Gallego. Lugo. Del 11 al 18 de Octubre de 1.994
  • 1994, Exposición individual. Banco Bilbao Vizcaya. Ferrol. A Coruña. Del 5 al 15 de Abril de 1.994
  • 1993, Exposición colectiva. Sala de Exposiciones de la Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Pequeño formato.
  • 1991, Exposición individual. Banco Gallego. Lugo. Del 11 al 18 de Marzo de 1.991
  • 1989, Exposición individual. Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Del 1 al 11 de Abril de 1.989
  • 1988, Exposición individual. El Corte Inglés. A Coruña. Del 1 al 26 de Junio de 1.988
  • 1982, Exposición individual. Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Del 2 al 12 de Diciembre de 1.982
  • 1981, Exposición individual. Banco de Crédito e Inversiones. Lugo. Del 24 al 30 de Junio de 1.981
  • 1980, Exposición individual. Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Del 1 al 11 de Abril de 1.989
  • 1967, Exposición individual. Asociación de Artistas. A Coruña. Del 3 al 13 de Noviembre de 1.967

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La Voz de Galicia, November 3, 1967

Art News
José Castro Dopico exposure in the Association of Artists

Today we present a collection of 35 paintings, the Association of Artists, the young painter Coruña José Castro Dopico, which is the first time to exhibit their work in public.
José Castro has achieved boxes full of vigor and no doubt a resounding success achieved in this, his first outing.
His exhibition will be open today, at eight pm and will close on day 13.

Claudio Varela de Cambre

In the Association of Artists, exhibited for the first time his work José Castro Dopico. Portraits, still lifes and landscapes in the sample. Both portraits as still lifes, shows Castro Dopico, good offices and best workmanship.
Aim growing willingness to portrait and still life, with such notable successes as the numbers 6, 1 and 2 in the first, "which is where most the artist feels the influence of the master of Goya-and Quintas still life 14, 18 and 17, the best of all, for his fine qualities.

Progress, 24 June 1981

Oils and watercolors by Dopico Castro
J. Trapero Pardo

Many are oil paintings and watercolors that the artist exhibits in the Art Gallery of Banco de Credito e Inversiones, with various themes, ranging from still life to the Navy, through the landscapes, portraits, buildings, urban and rural and scenes of men "da Marina and the field.
The value of this work is based on the remarkable picture of perfection and the peculiar intonation the artist gives his paintings, adjusted Galician landscape, which dominates the soft tone colorist, similar to that used by Parmaroli in one of his paintings, but in the forest landscape, with another color force, comes closer to Beruete others. Among those in the exhibition highlights the number 4, entitled simply & 39;Forest& 39;, in which the play of light through the trees is perfectly achieved.
Following the pictorial school of La Coruña, Dopico Castro out of the gray of the Marina Gallego is on them as smoothing of shapes, as shown in 9, in which, all blurred by the fog, was seen between it an isolated boat at sea.
Among the tables in the exhibition are some issues with Lugo and its province. Our Piazza del Campo, so often the subject of painters and cartoonists, has been represented by This artist& 39;s original order, as well as capture the atmosphere and soft secluded Plaza, in a realistic way, has captured the unique perspective, "Ferreira de Pallares" and "Corner Centulle" are two works in which the colorful drawing gives the adjusted value of volumes and shapes.
Even without departing from the realism, Dopico Castro, remains in some of his poetic and suggestive meaning which, from a Neo-Impressionism is evident in most of his pictures, made human figures and other items, composing with a structure and color remarkable.
In the watercolor technique similar to that of the oils, the artist proves its safety and cleanliness of line, using volumes and glazes his first touch, which gives his works relief and depth. Special technique is to draw with the tip and black ink, which allows the feeling of an etching box.
Abundant human figure in the work of Dopico Castro. Foreshortened positions and appropriate to the scene where perspectives are achieved by grading the size of these accomplished while beautiful effects of expression. "A feira do octopus," "seafood" and "seafood"-this in my opinion the best in style, are with "sailors in port, a good example of composition.
It is worthy to be visited for this exhibition because it can see the work of an artist and a technician as Dopico Castro.

La Voz de Galicia, December 4, 1985

Laureano Alvarez
José Castro Dopico Realism

In the warmth of the people, and so visited, room Artists Association offers expressive example of his work painting José Castro Dopico.
This painter Coruña, somewhat hidden in itself, grows one of several different realism of reality. Among other grounds of artistic, because it implies a pictorial organization. I think it can be argued that the sensitivity of Dopico Castro suffers from a perception that will be elaborated later, according to the state of his soul, essential piece of mind. Hence, diversity in playing and in what more or less property called hand, to realize in a single word which is the peculiar style of each artist.
Dopico Castro sceneries. Chiaroscuro games for the birth of light, impossible to paint as stated by the authoritative voice of Cezanne. Just the composition, both volumes and the intensity of color, sometimes lying in broad brushstrokes safe and contained other details.
Pausing before the work of Dopico Castro, is guessing the existence of a first, distant and rigorous resonance academicism beaten by the best post-impressionism. Deserves attention this painting and its coming into today.
I can not dwell on his study. But the painter, for the mature technical mastery, for its evident sensitivity and creativity, must be submitted strongly that essential vocation led him to paint evocative world that is open daily horizons.

La Voz de Galicia, June 1, 1988

Dopico Castro in "El Corte Inglés"

José Castro Dopico exposed paint, painter ventured into the cultivation of realism, dodging, rather, the interpretation of perception accused by his sensitivity. And with that I think of the landscapes which looks good frame and loyalty pays.
The treatment of the figure varies. It shows a prior vision and preparation. Here the brushwork seems to approach post-impressionist art. But realism by pointing the crisis dominates the imitative theory. Not overcome that represents the arrival of the new realism.

Progress, 12 March 1991

Dopico Castro oil paintings at Banco Gallego

Yesterday, it opened in the hall of the Galician Bank, an exhibition of original oil paintings of the painter José Castro Dopico Coruña.
Presented in total thirty-two works, among which is no shortage of reasons Lugo, as the town hall and the north facade of the cathedral.
The work of this painter and was known in Lugo, where he exhibited in the past. Dopico Castro is defined by the critic Laureano Alvarez as a painter "somewhat hidden in itself," that cultivates a more realism than the reality. "
The exhibition will be open until 18, even during the hours of 19:30 to 22:00 on weekdays, and 12:00 to 14:00, public holidays.

Neo-Impressionism in the work of Dopico Castro
J. Trapero Pardo

After some time without exposing their works in Lugo, now comes with impeccable technique and more about the neo-impressionism, the artist Coruña Dopico Castro, which features 32 oil paintings at the Art Gallery of the "Banco Gallego", which, painted con amore appears the portrait of the artist& 39;s wife and is a success of fidelity to model and study of composition in portraiture, to engage the face realism and psychology of the garments, they clearly in expressionist art.

The sea

Dopico Castro, true to its themes, search inspiration in the sea, or comes close to urban areas and rustic homes and our rural landscape, and not avoid the human figure, which stands portrait of my grandson, a naked boy expresión.En perfect line and landscape, the artist as Ruskin said of Turner, looking in nature a place where you can discover the spirit of things. Small landscape in the mist and soft celajes, landscapes large format Chelsea corner and walk in the woods, studied with different chromatic, the first assessing the ups and tonal strength and the latter deep and bright green perspective, which the focus has warm lighting effects, with deep feeling and romance of a great avenue between trees.

Impressionist brushwork

This artist, facing the sea, the Peirao, the wall and the ship, you know, art, craft, drawing, starting to light and form, with Impressionist brushwork and secure, and even human nature value offered by the sea, when seen with the eye of an artist and love poetry, as seen in Marina so difficult composition.
The perfection of the drawing is made tighter still in boxes Betanzos and Lugo. Among several highlight Rincon de Lugo Lugo, also historical value as it recalls old buildings, which overlook the Plaza Major, now malhora modified.
Dopico Castro "build" buildings methodical brushwork.
But Still life with flowers is about to pointillism to assess elements of the painting. The other free title and subject of nudity, the rotundity of entreverso lines and figures seem to bear, as noted in other of Matisse, a Dionysian impulse, ie human passion. The artist, as in the exhibition in Lugo, test new techniques has joined a neorealism balanced, giving new values pictorial works, which many visitors praise, because, without falling into academicisms, poet reality.

Cristina de Llano. May 5, 1993

Oil paintings by José Castro Dopico
Board of the Association of Artists
La Coruña
Cristina de Llano
Bachelor of Fine Arts

If I had to define in a few words the paintings of this artist Coruña, I would say that the method, drawing, light and poetic sensitivity that emanates from it are its main attributes.
Figurative painter, his hand we enter a world of light and peace. That bathes the canvas with transparent clarity.
Brilla and reverberates with subtle and delicate touches, moves freely and quietly wraps inviting viewers to enter the box and reveal the secret show landscapes.
These cover a wide subject, roads and Corredoiro, wooded corner, mute evidence of old towns, marinas, etc..
They all tell us a brief history of the painter faced a beautiful spot, which reflects on the canvas with care and affection and offers the viewer in all its reality.
Artist truthful, defined with a neo-impressionism, in its pictorial work hand in hand drawing and academic eco loose brushwork, bold, spontaneous, but always subject to the will of the artist director.
This technique adjusts and produces balanced and harmonious compositions, where the depth becomes an important value and is as carefully crafted as the first term.
Sobriety define his still lifes. Simple but not poor its elements are wisely chosen and handled correctly, hovering near a lyricism ascetic.
Its sensitivity not only takes you into the spirit of nature, and so demonstrate their portraits. These are a testimony of his fidelity to the model, methodical and thoughtful professionalism and their ability to penetrate the psychology of the sitter.

I think the best thing you can say about this artist, one who is in his work and it goes directly to the viewer. In your case it is true the old adage: A picture is worth a thousand words.

And here are your pictures and they are many times.

La Voz de Galica, 31 March 1994

La Coruña

The painter Coruña José Castro Dopico expose their creative work, from next April 5th, in the hall of Banco Bilbao-Vizcaya Ferrol. The exhibition, which will last until the 15th of that month, from seven pm to nine o& 39;clock at night, including some images captured in the city of Ferrol, including Carmen Street and places of Spain and Amboage , along with views of La Coruña, such as the Castle of San Antón.
Compostela, Betanzos, Chamorro and Chantada include some of the places that have inspired this artist who emphasizes critical neo-impressionist style and refined technique.

Progress, 14 October 1994

Dopico Castro at Banco Gallego

The painter José Castro Dopico Coruña exhibits his work from the past eleven days the art room Lugo Galicia Bank. The exhibition, which includes a total of thirty-three works on various subjects may be accessed until the next day 18 during visiting hours from 7 to 9 and a half of the night on weekdays and 12 am to 2 pm, holidays. According to José Trapero Pardo, according to review, performed on the previous exhibition of paintings and reproduced in the catalog, "Castro Dopico constructed buildings with prevailing methodical brushwork in his neo-impressionism."

Progress, 18 October 1994

Exhibitions. J. Trapero Pardo.
Dopico Castro works in the Art Room of the Banco Gallego.

In re Lugo Coruña artist José Castro Dopico.
In the Art Gallery of Banco Gallego presents a wide and colorful collection of paintings of various formats and topics ranging from portraiture to create shapes and contrasting color values to the seascape, rural and urban.
Already previous exhibitions showed his mastery of drawing, but now, at this remarkable condition, is joined by new technical achievements, always leaving them their personality and inspiration. Themes the artist, in his relentless tour Galicia, has been captured in the four provinces and has managed to express themselves in each lighting effects. One of the characteristics of Dopico Castro is to be able to give expression of movement or inertia to their works, according to what they represent. The numbers 7 and 8 represent two vessels.
One in which broad lines of the sails of a large vessel, treated with soft lighting effects and shadows, and the hull of boating, we do see the strength and see the ship moving, while the boat sails Another vessel berthing at a dock, so vertical profiles aloft, almost parallel lines. This vessel rests.
Craft is the title of a work in which the patient carrying a white cloth, which may include the points he has on a number of household metal objects, which appear in relief. But the artist has given to set a romantic with a short bunch of flowers therein.
Attached to that perfection of drawing, which would make his pictures extreme realism, if not put on them that something "vital" as it is inert Dopico Castro represents monuments like the Gate of Glory, Puertomarín, silver and other , in which, using tones and lights, and the contrasts of light and shadows darlesuna efficiency is reached, which we think may be facing these royal monuments.
And I said that this exhibition is the portrait. And there, in a self portrait and a girl, has been able to appreciate how use of brushwork and color, so that the faces express a state of mind that the camera could not achieve.
Also, composition tables of figures and environments, as Castañeira and Maternity us into disparate functions, but united by a sense that the works made by the author.
I conclude, therefore, this brief review of the many works on display, but in all the perfection of art appears that Dopico Castro has put in his work and the poetic sense that he gave one of his paintings.
Once again, therefore, commend the remarkable artist.

The Region, October 4, 1995

Dopico Castro, "only to spot a canvas and is an adventure"

"Painter true, defined as a neo-impressionism in his pictorial work, come together, drawing academic and eco loose brush, bold, spontaneous. "Thus defined Catsro Joseph Dopico, a natural painter of A Coruña for the first time on a selection of his works or boat, in the classroom culture Caixa Ourense.

O Barco / LRV /

"I admire everyone who paints. The fact spot a blank canvas and is an adventure." Thus defined José Castro Dopico the greatness of the painting. This artist Coruña about his work first in the region of Valdeorras. The exhibition will be open to the public in cultural classroom in the village Caixa Ourense barquense until the next day 14, the hours of 7:00 to 21:00.
The artistic interest of this master of the brush was awakened at an early age: "Since childhood I have shaped my penchant for drawing. As a teenager I joined the School of Arts and Crafts in A Coruña. I spent seven years of drawing, in pencil, charcoal and faded until I join a group that started in the art of oil painting. "

Works would not sell.

The curtain opened its oil in the eyes of Castro Dopico, with a beginning based expressive still lifes, landscapes and then ending at the height of any artist: the portrait. When defining the trend of many years of work and dedication, José Castro endorses the words of some critics that "I cataloged in the system as a neo-impressionist figurative." Rather than thinking of a muse for inspiration, this lover of nature and beauty that is not especially recognized maniac when faced with a new creation. He likes to paint with natural models where
time is limited. Like most of its colleagues, "I have works that do not want to sell because I want to be part of the heritage of my children."
Dopico Castro fails to define the painting and its personal significance, perhaps because there are no words to define feelings. In any case, argues that "painting represents everything to me. You can not live it, but I know that is my true calling. I think when talking about whether the painter born or made, must be taken into account that first there is a process that will tilt towards something that you like and then an office, a do. No work goals are achieved. " The career of any artist should be based on continuous learning, "formerly the artist box cornered a year. After that time turned on him and ended. I never rush and I have a work I finished it.
I think that there is no perfection, only works better and worse. Always think positive angles. The thematic range of this operator is reflected in the exposure of O Barco, as well as the colorful range. "Personally I mix colors. Previously it was called the painter& 39;s kitchen. It takes you more time and when you master the tones, "he says.

"In this world work mafias"

In each of his paintings, Dopico Castro seeks sensitivity, especially in the difficult world of the portrait: the portrait must know how to get the proper position, since the work must have personality. We must speak with the sitter and observe their reactions. Usually people is not reflected immediately after completing the work, although with time. We must bring out the inner being to capture the essence of the person, "he says. After exhibitions throughout the community autonomous Dopico Castro acknowledges that "I am satisfied that people come to see this show." This artist is realistic in criticizing the "privileges" of some classmates:

"Today, paint is very expensive. It is hard for their living painter arte.No supports or subsidies exist, because in this world works much cronyism and the mafia."

As for the sample of these days, the classroom culture Caixa Ourense is the framework chosen to summarize the career of this painter vitalist (landscapes, portraits, scenes of Galician culture, etc.).

La Voz de Galicia, October 4, 1995

The painter shows Coruña thirty oil paintings in his first visit to O Barco

Opened on Monday in the classroom culture Caixa Ourense O Barco an exhibition of paintings Coruña José Castro Dopico.
The exhibition, which will open to the public until the fourteenth day, is the artist& 39;s first visit to the village barquense, an experience he thinks repeated to capture on canvas the landscape of these lands. Visiting hours to the public from 19:00 to 9:00.


Fans of the region will find in this show "simple flowers tied UNHAS dende paisaxe, figure and marine, and" all types of couse, "according to its author. José Castro does "eu is a painter of fai xa hai fifty years and you Unhos principles which are instilled in me a min of neno; pequenino xa dende fond debuxar ringworm, despois ingresei of Arts and Crafts and Ali estudiei sete years that iESSP dibuxando for non us allowed to paint. "Later" to paint a pouquiño empecei and banging poles bodegóns, hai a process that teachers instilled in us you serious semper decindo that nun hai serious painter catro facets are: o dibuxo, still life and portrait paisaxe, these are you hai thermos to keep. "


Dopico Castro is considered an artist of principles and he believes the painting and general art world has undergone several changes in the last half century. This painter Coruña valdeorresa invites these days to approach the room and see the exhibition by saying that "or that artists and you want to present, the works nosa, which is convex and logo Xenta to opine whether LLE like ou non". Students with artistic passing through the room on successive days are advised to maintain their enthusiasm and to add "Traballo, and Traballo Traballo." At advised students to "analyze, think and are pruned facer cous, ler é moire bribes to do that painting and visiting museums and Exposition moires to capture" the various scents given paint and logo o seu own entendemento adapt them. "
For him, painting is not only a livelihood but something that always accompany that combines "cunha alternative" but feels that "enthusiasm for painting and even that o meu maior Traballo own, eu, at the hour of painting, non value or I cam Pensalo tempo and plasmalo, that non means nothing to the satisfaction persoal Soio. " Cree, "or simply walking feito e xa unha nSome canvas adventure."
José Castro arrived in O Barco almost by chance after meeting him and explains that "non coñecía poque quedei O Barco and pleasantly surprised, well I conez algunha Xenta Falou rincóns site and be able to paint na region, a peut être moi Traballo that interesting and i both vir polo season Vacacions unha ou Unhos days paisaxe plasma-la. "

The Region, October 14, 1995

Today we closed the show by the painter José Castro Dopico Coruña in O Barco.

The classroom culture in the town Caixa Ourense barquense closing this morning the artist& 39;s exhibition Coruña José Castro Dopico. Over the twelve days, this artist has brought a selection of his works to the neighbors of O Barco and all lovers of the figurative style. Still lifes, landscapes and portraits are aware of the genius of this operator with the brush. After demonstrating his expertise on the design, Dopico Castro has given body and soul to the oil.
The critic Trapero Pardo studied landscapes, "with different chromatic, with sense of depth and romanticism of the long view and greens, in which the focus is warm lighting effects. "Perhaps this effect contributes to the fact that Jose Castro personally mix palettes to get the image sought.

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